Researching – John F. ANDRE, Frederick W. and Francisca ANDRE, Adolph STERNBERG, Louis DOUGHERTY, James DOUGHERTY, Winnefred Alvina DOUGHERTY, Fred, Martha, Angus, Ruby and Ralph BEAMAN; Harry, Minnie, Harry A. and Clarence OGILVIE – All of the above lived in Sioux County during the late 1800’s, beginning around 1887 or 1888. They lived about four miles from Unit and 19 mles from Harrison. Part of the original home place is still standing, or was as of 10 years ago. I am searching for information concerning the ANDRE’ family that lived and died in Sioux County. Also STERNBERG and DOUGHERTY, connections. My gr-Grandfather helped raise Adolph Sternberg who inherited when the Andre family died out. Dougherty was a Grandson partially raised by Andre’s, and was my Father. Thank you. Fae J. Grantham P.O.Box 57146 North Pole, Alaska 99705-2146 Dougherty-Howell-Beaman-Ogilvie

Fae J. Grantham

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