Danish Cemetery

          Section 6, Township 30N, Range 53W

                    aka Scandinavian Lutheran Cemetery

Located beside Glen schoolhouse, cemetery was acquired in 1899 by Warranty Deed from Didrick/Detrick Nelson

Name Birth Death Notes
Adamson, Nels
Didricksen, Karen
Elie, John
Elie, Mrs. John
Jensen, Jens
Jensen, Mrs. Jens (1st wife)
Jensen, Mrs. Jens (2nd wife)
Mortensen, son of Peter
Nelson, Detrick, Jr.
Nelson, Detrick, Mrs. Jr.
Nelson, Detrick, Sr.
Nelson, Detrick, Mrs. Sr.
Nile, son of N. P.
Nyholon, son of H. P.
Petersen, Hans
Petersen, Hans Alfred
Petersen, Lourine
Wickard, Kate
  • Alphabetical List by Surname – no dates of birth or death – Copied from Sioux County Centennial Book, 1986

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